Spinderella Suing Salt-N-Pepa For Millions!!


DJ Spin claims she's owed millions in back royalties by Salt-N-Pepa. DAMN!

Even legends go through tough times. It seems like Salt-N-Pepa went from pushing it real good to pushing lawsuits! DJ Spinderella claims that Salt-N-Pepa owe millions of dollars in unpaid royalties. Express yourself then! (See what I did there?)

(AllHipHop Rumors) According to reports from TMZ, Spin claims that the cold, hard cash she’s owed goes back 20 years. She’s coming for all that old “Shoop” doe. According to Spin, it began with the release of the Best of Salt-N-Pepa album. She also claims she was promised a third of the royalties for that album and she never received that $125K bag.

But wait, there’s more! Spin also says that she was supposed to appear on the group’s VH1 series, but was cut out right before she got the promised one-third of the fee for the show. She also claims that she didn’t receive any money for the group’s 2018 appearance at the Billboard Music Awards. Spin wants all the smoke.

According to the documents from the lawsuit, Spin is mad fed up with not receiving her share of the group royalties as well. She discovered all this from SoundExchange, a company that collects and distributes royalties to artists. She alleges that her groupmates had been paid more than $600k in royalties over the last decade, but she had not received a damn penny.

Spinderella’s suing for trademark infringement because she says Salt-N-Pepa continue to use her to promote performances, and also for fraud and breach of contract. YIKES! Salt (real name Cheryl James) and Pepa (real name Sandra Denton) have both been silent about the lawsuit.

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I thought this was a PR stunt but she is not playing with them!!!!!!!