Stan Wars! Nicki Minaj Fan Beats The Brakes Off Of Lil Kim Fan!

Nicki Minaj just followed one of her super fans who happens to be a bit violent!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I told yall that some of these artists have the craziest fans!

Apparently an owner of a Nicki Minaj social media fan page and an owner of a Lil Kim fan page decided to meet up and fight.

These stans are nuts, and they do not play about their favorites.

According to social media, it looks like the Queen Bee's hive has to take this L, because this Barbz representative apparently delivered a serious beat down.

There's a plot twist though. The two fans were both men!

Nicki Minaj apparently got wind of the fight as she followed "the winner", Nate, on social media.

In Stan Culture, this must be some incredible win. Unfortunately I can't congratulate Nate for the foolishness though.

Some folks are upset with Nicki over her following Nate because they feel like she's condoning his behavior.

Carry on man!

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When i read that these were 2 dudes mannnnnnnnn smh


Damn retards, not like either one of them are going to hit Nicki or Kim, heck they won't even get to meet them... SMH