Stay Away From G-Unit!



OK, 50 Cent is fully off the hook, because I have secondhand

information that says he had a lil' party over the weekend. So, he

wasn't getting detained, arrested or anything else about Yayo's

situation over the weekend. This festive gathering 50 had coincided

with Justin TImberlake and Timbaland's tour stop in Connecticut. So, at

the party, I heard there was a bevy of women there, about five babes

per one dude. Now, I heard that there was a bit of a stranger among

them, a well-known, well respected and loved conscious rapper (who

shall remain unnamed). Now, the rapper was there in an effort to chill

with the ladies or the cool dudes of G-Unit, but seemed to be a bit out

of place. [6]

Anyway, this rapper was popular at the 50 Cent party too, takes a few

flicks. Finally, he was either with a girl pal or attempted to scoop a

new one from the party. Now, he urged the fem to leave with him, but

she wasn't trying to go. And, in an act that rivaled Rick James and

Charlie Murphy...she slapped him five times in a row. Pap! Pap! Pap!

Pap! Pap! He was clearly embarrassed and continued to urge her to leave

with him and even put her in a bear hug to remove her. I heard she

might have been a lil' drunk or something, but I can't really confirm

that. I heard that soon there after the rapper retreated to one of the

rooms in the mansion alone and broke down crying, very upset about the

ordeal. Now, there is nothing wrong with crying, but I'm going to leave

that alone. I'm actually a fan of this rapper so I'm, going to exercise

discretion on his behalf. It was a G-Unit Heartbreak.