Steve Harvey Calls Pusha T A "Broke Boy" And Spits Battle Raps!

Steve Harvey may be the hardest rapper out if he goes against King Push and wins!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Steve Harvey was sleeping. And now he has awakened! At the beginning of the summer, Pusha T caught a body named Drake. He also got married. He also dropped a classic album. He’s now worldwide accepted! But, somebody he poked fun at is not having any of it! And that man is the great Steve Harvey! The great comic that apparently wants ALL THE SMOKE!

I know most of you are not going to believe this, but Steve Harvey is extremely funny. He has finally come to address Pusha T’s comments on him in “The Story of Adidon.” Remember this: “How you a winner but she comin’ in last place?/ Monkey-suit Dennis, you parade him/A Steve Harvey-suit n**** made him.”

And he ain’t playing! Steve clapped back: “Who the fuck is Pusher T,” he said. “Who is this broke ass boy? Where did he come from?”