Styles P Ask Some Legit Questions Of "Black Lives Matter"


There's Black Lives Matter the company and Black Lives Matter the movement...they aren't the same.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Styles P is one of the most revered lyricists in Hip-Hop and has been in the game for over two decades. The rapper is known for his provoking lyrics as well as his gangster side. Now the good brother is asking some thought-provoking things over the Internet which have some of his followers asking questions of him. Styles is inquiring about Black Lives Matter and wants to know where the money is going that is derived from donations and other contributions.

People don’t fully understand that there is Black Lives Matter - an actual company - and Black Lives Matter  - the movement - is a bunch of people that want to see racial justice and equality. Now that is not to say that there’s something wrong with what I just said but just to say that it is a company. So when Styles asked a question he got a lot of different answers. I don’t actually know the answer to the question but I do know that we can Google. So let’s see what happens when we Google Black lives Matter as a company.

So it looks like the website for BML is run by a company called "Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, Inc." This means it is essentially a for-profit company, much like Black Girls Rock and I think the questions arise, because it seems like this is a non-profit oriented 


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The Front Stoop
The Front Stoop

I'm not disagreeing with Styles P. I'm disagreeing with the writer here just to get the facts straight. Just because you have "Inc." in your name doesn't mean you are For Profit business. I founded a 501c3 non-profit organization called the Southern Maryland HEAT Athletic Program, Inc.

Please explain what about the name Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, Inc. leads you to believe it is a For Profit organization?

I am not disputing whether it is or it isn't