Sub-Tweet: Who Is Travis Scott Talking To On Twitter? is meeeeeeeeee you're subtweeting?

UPDATE: Travis Scott has unfollowed Kanye on social media and thus it begins. Well, if my bro-in-law rapped about wanting to screw my baby momma, I'm feeling a way too...AS WELL, the MAGA mess.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kanye West and Travis Scott are family. I'll get back to that in a minute. On Twitter, Travis Scott said something that got all the people talking. Here it is:

Who is he talking to? Most people are saying he is talking to his brother-in-law-ish Kanye West, who a lot of people are now calling KoonYe. Now, Kanye has come to the the defense of Travis Scott, if my memory serves me correctly. And Travis has worked with Kanye and attempted to work with him on other occasions. This year! So it seems like they are cool.

I can't lie - I don't know and I hardly care. But, it seems like Kanye is the culprit. On the song, ""Stop Trying to be God" with Drake, TS said:

Stop tryna be God Almighty

*fu*k the money, never leave your people behind, yeah

It's never love, no matter what you try*

Kanye has a song called "I Am A God," which is a foolish assertion indeed. He's gonna die soon, universally speaking. could be nothing.

No. 1-1

Considering this website is called allhiphop this is either an attention grab or just bad reporting. The tweet “lost my respect” is a Lyric from Drake off the song Sicko Mode which is the actual song Drake is featured on. The track Stop Trying To Be God is featuring James Blake, Philip Bailey, Kid Cudi AND Stevie Wonder. Also considering the Kanye song you’re referring came out weeks ago it’s definitely not a response to that even though it is messed up.