Super Bowl 2019 Had The Lowest Ratings In 10 Years!

Looks like the protests worked! Or did they?

(AllHipHop Rumors) It seems like the slow decline of the NFL continues. You know and I know, this is a long time coming. Now, I am going to claim the victory on behalf of my people with half of a brain. The people out here supporting with their time and money are now effectively enemies of the progressives. When I say progressives, I just mean people that oppose racism and systems of racism. Some people just want to party, drink and not worry about anything. And there are people that opted not to watch the Super Bowl. SALUTE!

There will be no report that says boycotts helped to the decline, but we know better. A very quiet movement said F**k the NFL! They have long disrespected the players and Kap is just one of them. Salute KAEPERNICK! He should have and could have just had a job in the league and we'd all be a happy, FUNKY BUNCH! But they wanted to whiteball him. And we are here now!

That said, the NFL has supported rapists, sex offenders, women beaters and other degenerates. But they make a unified, concerted effort to keep Kap out the league. I'm claiming the victory. And to the people that supported the league, old or young, official or wack...ya'll are absolutely part of the problem!

Here's to more low ratings and increased disintegration! Do Better!


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Ha ha yea buddy respect us!!