Swae Lee Gets Played By His Girl-And Gucci Mane And Chance Get Dry Snitched On!

Swae Lee may not be able to keep is girl after this!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Swae Lee is my bro and all that, but he may need to check his girl FAST if he wants her to be his bride like he says in this video! Check it!

So in the video, it is clear: he cheated. Now, in the phone convo, which she decides to record and distribute widely on social media, he is talking BASICALLY about how it is perfectly acceptable for women to stick by their men after they have cheated with mad women. Here is where he does like Kobe Bryant did Shaq! He actually snitches on Gucci Mane and Chance The Rapper to prove his point! He's like these guys were with a thousand women and their girls' stayed with them. Well, this chick ain't having it. He's going to have to break up with her even if she is supposed to be the wife!

Can't wait to see how this turns out.

Her name is Marliesia Ortiz, not BRO!

No. 1-3

lmao what a lame....


Oops.. He shouldn't lose her. Provided she's a good girl lol