Swizz Beatz Goes In On Drake For Leaked Busta Song! Then Apologizes!


The beef is on, but not really. Looks like Swizz is pissed, but not enough to go in in.

(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like Swizz Beatz is really upset with Drake. But why pray-tell would one of the greatest producers of our time be upset with one of the greatest rappers of our time? Well, I have the answer. Earlier today a song with a Busta Rhymes and drake leaked on the Internet. Now the song was produced by J Dilla and not Swizz Beatz, so Swizzie has no dog in this fight. Not the case. Swizz Beatz called Drake a "little guy" and said it is "not personal" or he would "shoot Drake's plane clean out of the sky." That is not a direct quote. Swizz didn't name names. Now, we know that that is a metaphor for going to war but it sounds extremely aggressive. Check out the video right now:

The longer video is here and he calls Drake numerous other names including, "pu$$y boy" and things like that. 

Now, nobody really knows exactly why Swizz is so mad but let’s just consider the fact that he might be speaking for Busta Rhymes who is still out here getting ready to drop some new music. And perhaps Busta Rhymes is not really able to vocalize exactly how he feels because he may just need a Drake feature at some point in the future. But somebody on the Internet said: that Drake gave Alicia Keys a shout out during the Verzuz battle over the weekend, the Verzuz battle that nobody really saw, because it was not on Instagram like all of the previous Verzuz battles!! OR Alicia Keys gave the shout out. But the battle was with John legend. I can’t call it but it seems like Swizz may not have appreciated that holla. Busta is not that upset, but Swizz is FURIOUS!

There is a blowback to this. Canadians are now taking up arms saying that Swizzy disrespected the king! And you cannot threaten Dizzy even if you are Swizzy! Nobody!

By the way, here is the song! Enjoy!

Fat Boy Chubbs - I have no idea who that is, but he wants all the smoke with Swizz!

Swizz did actually apologize and that is below in the swipe. As usual, I am late!