T.I. & Akon Weigh In On The Nelly Rape Allegations


This situation can't be fixed with a band-aid! Nelly's legal team better drop that evidence proving that his accuser is lying.

(AllHipHop Rumors) T.I. & Akon are completely confused about the rape allegations against Nelly.

T.I. and Nelly have been friends for years, so Tip pretty much believes that Nelly is innocent. Tip also wants to know, after the situations that happened to Mike Tyson, Tupac, and others, what happens to the women if and when it comes out that they were lying the whole time.

He believes that women that lie about things such as rape should face some pretty serious consequences!

Akon said that he's almost 100% positive that Nelly is innocent; he also says that he's a great guy.

Because this allegedly happened on Nelly's tour bus people have been divided on whether or not they believe it really happened.

Akon said the Nelly that he knows would never do anything like that; he also said that he can't fathom Nelly forcing himself on anyone.

Akon went on to explain that celebrities and artists like himself and Nelly are "licks" for some of these women. The artists become come ups for the women when women lie for fame, attention, and money.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Nelly did it? Whether he did it or not, what's with these creepy videos of him bringing children up on stage and singing to them?!



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