T.I. Believes Sammy Sosa's Alleged Skin Bleaching Is Self-Hate

Troubleman Tip isn't here for Sammy Sosa and his bleach cream.

(AllHipHop Rumors) According to T.I., Sammy Sosa hates himself, and this is why the ex-MLB star appears a shade lighter or whiter every year.

T.I. feels that Sosa's skin bleaching is nothing more and nothing less than self-hate.

Tip was so perplexed by it that he almost didn't speak on it [when asked about it] and just waved the subject off before calling a thing a thing.

It's really sad that Sosa went to the extreme that he did.

What's even crazier is the fact that he once claimed that the lightening was the result of a skin softening cream. Sir......the door!

Anyone that would drastically change their appearance to the point that Sosa has needs to undergo a few psychological evaluations.

You'd be surprised how many other minorities aren't comfortable in their own skin, who don't love themselves, and who will take extreme measures to achieve European "standards of beauty."

There are a few rappers that have been accused of bleaching their skin also. I won't call them out today, but you know about three female rappers that are visibly lighter.

What do you think of Sammy's drastic change in appearance over the years?

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Tiny and her daughter changing their eye color is self hate too Tip. IJS.


Sammy is a hot mess. There is racism in Latin America much like the is in the USA; the darker you are the worse you are treated. Even Kevin Gate stated that "y'all thought I was Black but I'm Puerto Rican." Huh? Nigga you still Black. Puerto Rican is not a race, If I was born in France I could say I'm French, but I would be a Black French man, I'm not White... It is self hate...

Hold up Puerto Rican is a mixed race not just black, Native American(Taino) too mother fuckers always say we either white or black truth is we mixed Native Americans.

@Salvy_in_Dallas : Bro with all due respect Puerto Rican is nota race. There are White Ricans blonde as hell; Black Ricans dark as hell; mixed Ricans a blend of them all. It is like Americans there is no American race, we are a country not a race.

They don't want to admit their ancestors were slaves also..