T.I., Charlamagne...And Even Nipsey Get Called Out For Meeting With "Trump"


He's saying that we cannot call out Kanye form meeting with Trump and celebrate people we like.

(AllHipHop Rumors) OH SH#T This is crazy! When you speak of talking truth to power - this is it. So, I am going to be clear: I am NOT dissing either Charlamagne or T.I. And I am DEFINITELY not talking bad about Nipsey Hussle. This man Tone Talks says a lot...and I mean A LOT. I don't have a lot to say, but I am going to say this and then get on to the video. Before King Nipsey died, it was known he was making moves to do a few things. He was going to meet with the LAPD to help stop violence in the hood, but there was another one. He was also going to have a meeting to help stave off GENTRIFICATION IN SOUTH CENTRAL. At face value, this seems like a great thing and I think the best of intentions were there. But, this meeting ultimately happened, but Nipsey was tragically murdered.

From TheLATimes.com:

At the time of his death, Hussle was reaching out to a diverse array of partners — from fellow musicians and L.A. politicians to a Republican senator from South Carolina [Tim Scott] — to make the revitalization of [South L.A. neighborhood] Hyde Park something larger and potentially longer-lasting.

Hussle was part of an investment group that was planning to use a tax incentive carved out in a recent federal law to revive not only his neighborhood, but other forgotten, low-income communities in 11 cities, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

What do you think? This is DEEP!!!! To me, both Uncle Charla and Tip have the best interests of Black People at heart. I wonder what they think of this? Even though "Tone" (Attorney Antonio Moore) talks quite loudly, I don't think he's "hating" at all. I just think he is very VERY passionate and CLEAR on what needs to be done, in his eye. He made a compelling argument in this.

Before we finish, C Tha God had something to say about it.

Opportunity Zones are economically-distressed communities (basically The Hood) where new investments, under certain conditions may be eligible for preferential tax treatment. If you invest in one of these zones directly or through an opportunity fund, you get a tax break on the profits. If you hold it for 10 years, you owe no taxes. Opportunity Zone Legislation is giving us the chance to “gentrify our own hoods before these people do it.” For those of us who are already reinvesting into our communities by buying property and redeveloping it this legislation gives us more incentive to continue to do just that. This is why Nipsey Hussle and @david.a.gross created @our.opportunityso the citizens of these opportunity zones can reap the benefits of this legislation.
Ya’ll know I’m big on being mentally healthy and reinvesting in our communities is all part of that healing process. I believe There is a direct correlation between mental health and your environment and if we can create the kinds of environments that are people can thrive in that can be a remedy to a lot of things that have historically caused us psychological issues in our communities but don’t listen to me.....I’m just a man from Moncks Corner S.C. having meetings on Capitol Hill in a track suit and some
@puma’s what the hell do I know??? #TMC🏁 📸 @elmokebour

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Did you have a stroke while typing this article? Literally none of it makes any sense especially the headline lmao


T.I has been a voice for the Blacks ever since.. Keep up the good work man..