T.I. Cusses Out Security Guard For Sleeping On The Job!


New video footage shows another look at an encounter that lead to T.I. getting arrested.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Almost a year ago to the day, T.I. was arrested outside of his own home, a move pushed by the security guard that was working his post at the gated community. There are new developments. THIS was a big deal for a moment because, at the time, nobody could quite understand how Tip got knocked at his own house. Well, it happened. According to reports at the the tip, the rapper/activist didn't have the "key" to his home. The guard was on his post, but he was also sleep. This seemed to annoy Tip, because he was letting him have it.

Tip yelled, "Open tha muthafuckin gate, IGGA!" I was cracking up when he was screaming that. In all reality, the guard should not have been sleep and you KNOW he knew T.I. He was just being a jerk, in my opinion.

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Anyone that can’t see this dude is just doing this to make tip mad is part of society’s problem. You know how much planning and work goes into agitating people? Jealous.


This dumb jealous nigga actin like he don't know TI ahahahahah