T.I. Doubles Down On His Trap Music Claims!


Tip is serious about this Trap Music stuff!

(AllHipHop Rumors) T.I. is not letting this Trap Music thing go, no matter how many MLK marches he does. He wants his just credit for creating the subgenre of rap called "Trap Music." I am not sure what the hub-bub is all about. He coined the term! WE know the music existed in some form or another, but JUST like Hip-Hop it didn't have a name. Shout out to the late Love Bug Starski who gave Hip-Hop a name even before it had a name! Kool Herc "invented" but it still was nameless. Anyway, it is a similar thing with Trap Music.

T.I. seems to be deliberately not mentioning Gucci Mane's name even though Gucci is the one that says HE INVENTED IT. On IG, he said: troubleman31This shits obviously goin over y’all heads...so.... i guess I’m gon take the High Road & Just let y’all carry on in the ignorance of fake news... but for those who care for statistics & Facts... this is 2001. I’m serious. “Dope Boyz & The Trap Ni66az”
Y’all stay classy....✌🏽

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This fool is claiming a whole genre of music because he applied the word "trap" to it? This is straight out of the Bow Wow playbook. LMAO Why do "stars" get away with weak logic and their critics get scrutinized for strong arguments? You can steal a whole album and justify that you are not a BITER in today's greedy world. LMAO Hip Hop is so wack now."All these sucker mc's perpetrating a fraud".