T..I. Goes In On Doe B’s Manager!


Y’all better put some respeck on T.I.’s name. Last night, the late rapper Doe B’s manager, DJ Frank White, set the internet ablaze when he accused T.I. of still making money off of the fallen rapper.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors)

Frank White posted and deleted a few posts, as well as changed some captions, but the screen shots and word had already spread around. You know it wasn’t long before both T.I. and his son Domani took to Instagram to clap back!

T.I. clapped back at Frank saying that he’d never have a want, need, or desire to even profit off of Doe’ B’s music. A photo that Tip posted showed that 50 % of the profits went to Doe ‘s estate.

“Anyone wondering where my Lil bro @cbmdoeb money goes…. 1.To his Estate 50% 2.Frank White @djfwhite 25% 3. Loyalty Promotions (Franks Mgnt partners)25% …. @djfwhite why u taking Lil bro bread & actin like it’s us? Remember champ… Grand Hustle/Hustle Gang ain’t never gotta steal rob or cheat ANY ARTIST… because if it all goes bad,on our worst day…. WE GOT a TI!!!!! #BigOleFacts #MissMeWitDaFuqShit,” posted T.I.

White then reposted a photo of Tip speaking at Doe B’s funeral, but this time he captioned it saying that he would provide proof that T.I. was in fact profiting off of Doe B!

“Yall relax… let me get the paperwork together to show you.. you know he trying to cover it up. I got em. Please be patient. Love you Doe… the people who has all the details i have already text. I would rather not name them amd get them involved.. however if they dont send methe breakdowns. You all will learn a lot #onGod,” said Frank.

T.I.’s son Domani even hopped on Instagram live to clown Frank White, who used to be his manager as well before he fired him. Domani says he’s just doing all of this because he’s mad that he fired him.

Frank may want to simmer down. T.I. doesn’t seem like one of the folks that you want to play with.

Meanwhile T.I.’ s name has been buzzing for a different reason also as his rumored side chick, Instagram model Bernice Burgos has finally responded to his wife Tiny’s claims that she is a pass around b-tch.

Bernice claims that she’s never been a pass around b-tch and that T.I. and Tiny’s marriage has been broken. She seemed to confirm that she’s smashing Tip as she said that people move on and start spending time with other people almost to hint that she was spending time with T.I.

Issa mess!