T.I. May Want To Talk To Future!


Future says unless you can pay him back for his Gucci, he's not stopping!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I know some people are apolitical. I get it. It is like we are back in the 80's where selfishness and capitalism run rampant! Nobody cares about anybody or anything, but THEYself! So we have seen brands purposely do something like use blackface to sell a purse. Or put shackles on sneakers marketed to Black youth. Suddenly, we are regressing!

Rap stars like T.I. and 50 Cent have professed their disdain for Gucci since the brand offended the BLACK NATION!!! Most of us agree: "We will no longer support those that don't respect us." However, some of us are so enslaved mentally, they still want to buy Gucci. Now, Future I am sure would argue that he is a completely free man, due to his money and his drugs. But, I would say that we need to have a conversation about this fetish to endorse that brand. Check out what he said in a recent radio interview.

Am I being too militant?

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