T-Pain Recalls A Time When Lil Kim Pulled Up On Him For Rapping About Her Face


T-Pain is hilarious. Our favorite auto-tuner flashes back to a time where Lil Kim rolled up on him.

(AllHipHop Rumors) T-Pain recently stopped by Complex's 'Everyday Struggle' to chat with DJ Akademiks, Joe Budden & Nadeska. During the conversation, the group discussed Remy Ma & Lil Kim's new single "Wake Me Up."

After that, T-Pain took a moment to share an anecdote about Lil Kim pulling up on him one time.

"Kim is a gangsta..... Kim & Remy they gangstas. They not for play play," said Joe Budden.

T-Pain replied with,

"Yeah Kim pulled up on me. Kim pulled up on me. I was doing one of the Summer Jams. I had just dropped my album '3 Rings' and I didn't think about it, I wasn't dissing nobody, I wasn't dissing her. In one of my bars of my intro I said my style change up like Lil Kim face, and she pulled up like yo we got a problem. I'm like what are you talking bout. She's like you talking about my face in sh-t. I'm like in what? Cause you know, it's just the intro to my f-cking album. Yeah I forgot the sh-t. I'm like oh no baby. Please. Let me touch your titty."

Joe Budden took a moment out to remind folks that both Kim and Remy are really about that life, and he doesn't know why anyone would be trying to mess with them in 2018.

Check out the clip at the 12:41 mark.


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man, i'd ask to touch her titty too


Yeah Kim and Remy both really live that life; they got more nuts than most of these skinny jean wearing; blouse/dress wearing ass fruit cakes... I respect their bars and realness!