T-Pain Screws Up & Fabolous, Meek Mill, Gillie, Snoop And Other Diss Him For It!

Why is T-Pain lured into a conversation about snitching? Well, it seems like the whole Hip-Hop community jumped in!

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know, this conversation is always going to go the wrong way. T-Pain did an interview with the legendary Big Boi and was asked about Tekashi 69 and the fact that the young, rainbow-haired rapper decided to snitch on his cohorts presumably in exchange for a lighter sentence. Well, the streets are clear on this: YOU, YOUNG SIR, ARE A RAT!

Crazy, how the streets feel.

Anyway, somehow they asked T-Pain what he would do and Gillie Da Kid posted it!

Well, in T-Pain's defense, he ain't a street dude to my knowledge and he probably shouldn't be commenting on street issues. To openly say he would snitch is just ill advised in any scenario. Me, I will never have to rat, because I am also not going to do anything crazy out in the streets. Neither are most of the rapper dissing him. They are all law-abiding citizens, even Meek Mill now!

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Wrote this whole article and never told us what T pAin said?????????