Tahiry Says Joe Budden And Cyn Might Have Been A Publicity Stunt!

Tahiry Jose has bossed up, but you know Miss Lissa had to talk about Joe Budden And Cyn Santana!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose were the toast of the reality world for the longest time, but some of us remember them before that even. Now that they aren’t together anymore, Tahiry has moved on and Joe is more of a talk show type of dude than emcee. In fact, Joe Budden is claiming retirement from rapping altogether! I just saw Russ dissing him the other day and found that that. Anyway! Moving on….

In a recent full interview, AllHipHop’s Miss Lissa interviewed Tahiry and asked her about Joe Budden and Cyn Santana. She said she felt it may have been a publicity stunt and Tahiry agreed. But check out the whole thing below and then the whole interview.

The full interview is below, which is way better than this piece of fluff.

Tahiry Jose offers an engaging and interesting interview with Miss Lissa and talks about how she has maintained her successes after leaving the show "Love And Hip-Hop New York." Check out this really funny, cool interview with the always funny and cool Tahiry.

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Why is this silly bitch STILL talking bout Joe.. I guess a ridiculous ass'll only take you so far.


Tahiry is special, but at the end of the day she will be fat... Cute as hell right now, no hate...