Tekashi 69 6ix9ine Before The Fame

Tekashi 69 is a real confounding figure...see more before the fame.

(AllHipHop Rumors) That dude Tekashi 69 is really out there in the streets and when I say in the streets, I mean deep. What else is deep is the images of 6ix9ine before the fame. I knew he was Latino but the metamorphosis is that of a peppy White dude into a raging savage Blood. I am not sure what to make of this one. All I know is that this sh!t is crazy!

However, before you sleep on him, check out this video that tells the real story of how Daniel Hernandez came up.

So dude is charged with running a train on a 14 year old, admitted to the crime and you still post his stuff....... oh I forgot who really owns this site, ya'll ain


AHH pushed this dude so hard for so long that they pushed me to look beyond his clown looks and give his music a try. And I couldn't get through five minutes of the garbage. I need a new hip hop site to rock with. This is ridiculous.

@DmacUno You lying too. I am not a fan of dudes music, but 1) he was never even accused of running a train...he was convicted of something but not a train. 2) AHH really owns AHH. STop lying. fam.


@illseed and your host site themaven.net has dealing with Blue lives Matters right? I'm cool with the police but the woke folks know what blue lives came from so don't front. If your the real @illseed you made this site back when but if yall can promote this but Shit on Bambaataa then yall aint shit for real on G.P.

This boy is not really built for this life, and he better be careful in LA, cause them LA Bloods and Rips are born and bred for this shit. He just adopted this shit... SMH