Tekashi 69 Gets Run Outta New Home!


Tekashi 6ix9ine tried to flash his new residence, but moved super duper fast!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The never-ending saga of Tekashi...is still here or there. The rapper came home from jail thanks to an intense fear of dying due to COVID-19. Well, he was doing his 2 million-person IG Live and really leveraged a lot of attention. Suddenly, dude is outside flashing money. That moment was captured by a neighbor. Here is the video. 

Apparently, this crazy girl also posted the actual address where they all lived! People pulled up fast like vultures around a dead body. It took no time for him to get out of there. Bro, was in Long Island and straight moved. He's going to have a tough time avoiding that cannon fire. Those shots are coming and a bullet has his name on it. I am not trying to speak death in the air, but they were on his location FAST. 

They saw him in the 11 am hour and before 2pm, he was gone. 

Comments (6)

They let him out on purpose so he’d get splattered. He has learned nothing. He made excuses for snitching but he told on EVERYBODY. Now he come out talkin spicey...he gon learn the hard way


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