Tekashi 69 Grabs The Boob Of Chief Keef's Baby Mama, And They Go Gucci Shopping!

Tekashi 69 Unearths Chief Keef’s Baby Moms, Then They Go Shopping!

(AllHipHop Rumors) GOT DAMN! When you talk about taking it too far, forget Drake and Pusha T! Let’s just get right to it. You know what is going on. You see it all over your social media timelines. Tekashi 69 is now taking on the whole city of Chicago! This is crazy! Chicago is one of the most dangerous hoods PERIOD. So I just wanna send my neverending salute to the good people of The Chi! That boy 69 went there with police protection allegedly and nobody could put hands on him allegedly! I don’t know for sure, but it sure seemed that way. Does that mean, all’s fair in war? I dunno!

Tekkie decided to do the dastardly deed of finding Chief Keef’s baby mom and taking her on a date. They went out and shopped! I am certain, she ain’t feeling Keef in any way! She clearly LOATHES Chief Keef or loves drama! She’s dead in the middle of a wild beef and I hope she knows what she’s doing. These streets are hot! I hope she don’t get popped! Tekkie is safe and sound, I think. Check this out though!

And this! Tekashi even cops a feel on her boobie! This is a real thing!

This chick is what they call a thot:

I just wish I knew what 50 would say.