Tekashi 69 Has 99 Problems And A Bish IS One!

Tekashi 69 has another issue and problem has money all over it.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Tekashi 69 is still in a cell somewhere, waiting to get out of the bing. The word on the street is he will never have to formally snitch on his people. Everybody is pleading out! Good for him (sarcasm)! I think he will be bigger than ever when its all said and done, because this current era doesn't adhere to the same principles and morals that the old era did. Some would say "The Street Is Done," and that may be true. Either way, homie is doing his thing and when I say "doing his thing," I mean getting out of jail this fall (rumors say)!

Anyway, dudes baby moms is still going from the gusto and I don't blame her. They have a kid together and he's still on the HOOK to raise it. Now check this out:

I have to say, this is a bit weird. The ATTORNEY representing Tekkie's baby mom said this, "I don't take those cases but I might have to make an exception for @_iamsaramolina 😍" A lawyer using the heart emoji? That's weird to me! He was talking slightly nutty to me, saying she looks like a SNACK on social media! He's married to. Anyway - I am not dissing, but it strikes me as odd.

What do you think? I do think he will take it Tekashi 69 to the cleaners when the time is right.

Tekkie like:

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Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

Some would say "The Street Is Done," -jay z