Tekashi 69's Baby Moms Responds To Charges She Sexed The Blood Gang!


Sara Molina says that 69 beat and molested her.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The AllHipHop News Crew has been covering the Tekashi 69 crazy! Shout out to Grouchy Greg! Anyway, the new section is doing the most right now and they broke a story. Here's what it says. 

"I knew from previous incidents that the gang would retaliate against me for denouncing them in public. Prior to my arrest, I was kidnapped by members of the gang, became aware of the fact that the mother of my child was having sexual relations with one of my co-defendants and that they were stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from me," Tekashi 6ix9ine complained. "I had a feeling of relief when I was arrested by the government because I felt stuck, like the gang had control of my life and that I would never be able to escape their grip. I needed to do something before it was too late."

Here is the link to the whole exclusive story, if you want to read it. 

The rapper makes it sound like they were running a choo-choo train on her when he was out on tour. Talk about messing up the money on all fronts! I cannot wait for 50 Cent to put this damn thing out in the form of that TV show he's working on! Anyway, Sara Molina has a response to all that talk about sex with Bloods. 

This video goes on for like 30-plus minutes so here are some "cliff notes" for those of you that cannot watch the video. 

  • She says he beat her until she had two black eyes
  • She says he locked her in a room and raped her in Dubai
  • She says no one stole from Tekashi
  • She says she never sexed his fellow Blood gang members
  • She says he never helped to raise their daughter

What say you? I gotta say....she's a credible "witness" if you know what I am saying. 

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how could shs say that though he saw the videos of her with hiz peopls in bed