Tekashi 69 Trollz With Nicki Minaj And Re-Starts Beef With Meek!


Just when you thought the beefs where over, Teshashi 69 returns as the super agent.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The reality is we are seeing the end of the world! I am so tired of dealing with the chaos!!! Why must I deal with this dude Tekashi 69? Black people are under siege - literally at war and we have a damn plague coming into our culture. Tekashi 69 is an agent of the government and actively working with authorities as a snitch. I really ain't the hater of snitches the way these street dudes are. Snitches are a part of the street game, just like crimes. The only thing that is weird to me is that most snitches go away and get their faces changed, living life in obscurity. Not Tekkie!

Tonight (Thursday), Tekashi 69 calls out one of the best Meek Mill and says that HE is the rat! I didn't realize it until I googled this, but I realize that Tekashi has been trolling Meek Mill for quite a few days. We haven't been covering it, but I am covering it now. I have to say...the boy got Nicki to show off her boobies in their new video. "Trollz" is out. I ain't mad at her. I guess this is his way of further shading Meek? Who knows. These people are weird.

Peep "Trollz" - or not.

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As a fan of Illseed I will say this much. I lost all respect for Nicki Manaji a long time ago. She try to start shit to sell records. She take of bums like Safaree then she married one. Not to mention he a sex offender. Then she makes Cash/ Young Money look bad by recording with a real live clown! Who say he would protest if he wasn't on house arrest. He talk tough cause he on house arrest and know the fedz are watching cause that's his protection. The minute he steps out and tour or anything, we will see if he ain't scared to walk the streets. A army of body guards won't be able to save him.