Tekashi 69 Will Be A Permanent Snitch! Does DaBaby Have A Sex Tape? Meek's Baby?


The U.S. government is not to be played with.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Tekashi 69 will be home some time next year and, oh boy. will the world be a bit crazier than it is now. Well, guess what? There is more to this whole thing - just when you think you have heard it all. It seems like all that singing to the Feds has gotten Tekashi a permanent job snitching on people. TMZ reports: "In addition, 6ix9ine must continue to cooperate with the U.S. Attorney's Office once he's released from prison in any ongoing investigations where he might be useful." That basically means he is stuck helping the cops/feds and others as they see fit. 

I could be stupid, but I think this casts a different view on his re-entry back into the game. Right? It is one thing to be a former snitch, but to continue to be a snitch at the beck-n-call of the feds!? WHEW!

Da Baby: It wasn't me...

DaBaby has a sex tape or does he? I am glad he didn't get up on this when it first broke. Too many rappers in compromising positions. Who wants to see ASAP Rocky naked or having sex. Well, apparently a lot of people, but not me. And that goes even more for DaBaby! Nobody wants to see all that! And DaBaby has made it clear that ya'll didn't see him either. 

I didn't even understand what DaBaby was saying, but I gathered the facts from the people responding in the comments. And other reports. LOL! But the comments were comedy and really showed how thirsty women are! It ain't just men! 

Is Meek Expecting A Baby With His Girlfriend?

Milano, Meek Mill's girlfriend, is rumored to be with child and that would mean that it is quite possible that Meek will be a father again. They have been dating and all has been well. When they robbed her store, Meek came to the rescue and called out the robbers. She made the announcement publically so I am sure Meek knew she was gonna do it.