Tekashi And Gillie Da Kid Connect In Philly

Is Tekashi 69 checking in on the East Coast because he didn't check in out West?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Looks like Gillie Da Kid aka Gillie Da King truly is the king of Philly. When it came time for Tekashi 69 to “check in,” he got with the the Philly Don. Now, a lot wasn’t really revealed here, but it certainly says a lot that the young guns linked with Gillie and not somebody like Beanie Sigel. I think Beans has moved on. Anyway, 6ix 9ine reveals so new information on his upcoming music moves. Other than that, this is just a very big salute.

Here is my question. Is this all a strategic move? On the West Coast, there are a rap/street beefs going on. Is the Brooklyn Blood getting his ducks in order on the East Coast? Seems so. Busta, 50 and now Gillie....

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What do you mean Beanie Sigel has moved on