Tekashi Gets Straight Busted Stealing Bars!


LMAO! Tekashi has the new York streets on fire and watering them at the same time

(AllHipHop Rumors) Biting is in style now. Its all the rage! You gotta love it! I mean it knows no bounds! Before I continue, take a look at this:


I am just cracking up and full of the giggles from this! Tekkie took a classic New York rap freestyle that grew from the internet and straight made is his. I guess he didn't think anybody would notice? I mean, I just think its funny. The accountability from a rap perspective is very high these days. You can't get away this this like THAT!

But then 50 got in with his $ .50 and used Jay-Z as an example of this being commonplace. I disagree.

That was Jay-Z's comrade and friend. They did songs together and during that period of time, everybody knew that Jay was paying homage. He was not at ANY POINT getting one over on people. It was BIGGIE! Trolling is at an all time high too! Me (not a typo, edit police!) thinks 50 wants to do a song with the young hood and is keeping him happy with comments that affirm, validate and strengthen his NUT BEHAVIOR! Plus he doesn't like Jay or Diddy very much.

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His boys knew it was trash that's why they acting like that in the hoodie. Trash.


The bar is trash any way. That bar is trash. With the dragon. Flying like a Alladin. TRASH.


It's 2018 Illseed as soon as you point out a rapper is biting or in the wrong someone is going to use the default excuse: "He has more money than you". He'll get a pass because people don't care about the 5 elements anymore