Tekashi Has Fake Face Tats Or Were They Covered With Makeup?

6ix9ine has an explanation for it all! Just watch the video!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Say it ain’t so! The newest word is that Tekashi 69 has fake facial tats! That in the name of Rainbow Brite is this? Now, didn’t go looking for this, but it came to me this way! It seems like it started all at Summer Jam. 6ix 9ine was beefing with crips and Hot 97 and the hood paparazi was watching closely. They apparently saw that his face tats were moving.

Look at the comments on this video. LOL!

AK and Tekashi 69 is mad at Hot 97 for not having him, but the people in the comments on the vid (which is in real time) are saying nothing about all that. All they care about is where are the face tats!!

Some folks tried to reason it out like “He’s wearing makeup” and others are saying “he got them removed.” UHHHH. Do you know how much makeup he would have to wear to cover those big ass tats? And the process of getting them removed would be way too extensive to come off that easy. BUT then I looked closer. Take a look!

And if Chicago wants to kill Tekashi, what was Durk doing with him?

Well, it didn’t take long for Durk to change his tune.

This might just bring the rappers/gangs of Chicago together! UNITY!

It will be ok.