Tekashi's New Beef, Which May Leave Him Broke!

We Also Find Out What Super-Violated Means, Tekashi Should Be Scared!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I bet Tekashi is happy to hear this!

We all know that people pay rapper to product place stuff in videos and lyrics. This is so it organically seems like they like the stuff and we go and buy it based on a co-sign. Well, Fashion Nova is paying everybody, but mostly women. Apparently, they cut a check to Tekashi 6ix9ine for him to mention them on his new album Dummy Boy, but it went down another way.

On the song "MAMA," which features MAGA-MAn Kanye West and Tekashi-loving Nicki Minaj, he was supposed to say:

"Splish splash Fashion Nova make that ass phat."

What he actually said on the song was:

"Splish splash Apple Bottoms make that ass phat."

Fashion Nova has to be pissed! First of all, do women even wear Apple Bottoms any more? Second of all, they paid Tekkie up front for the placement! THIRDLY, my dude Tekashi has seen all of his assets frozen and he cannot access his bread to even pay it back. TMZ reports that Fashion Nova is not asking for the money back yet. Here is the final straw, Tekkie allegedly changed the lyric because Nicki Minaj asked him to. Fashion Nova runs with Cardi B and Nicki objected! Why would lil homie mess up his bread like that over a petty squabble?

In other news...SUPER VIOLATED!

Back in the day, the legendary Chris Lighty had a crew call The Violators. It was a respected collective and it eventually went all the way legit with Violator Management. They housed artists from 50 Cent to Nore to LL Cool J and a bunch of others. Well, I never quite knew what it meant at that time. I just figured it mean to be disrespectful. Nowadays, the word "super violated" is a word that a lot of people have started to use since one of the Treyway guys decided it was time for Tekashi 69 to be "super violated."

It seems like Mel Murda was the one that decided he wanted to have 6ix9ine super violated. Well, what is this anyway? Super Violated means to rape somebody and then stab them up the rectum with a knife. This is NOT the super violated that comes up in google with Justin Bieber! Fam, the 9 Trey bloods (Tr3Way) are not to be played with. I didn't know this, but Mel used to be cool with Jim Jones back in the day. What a turn of events.