Tekashi69 6ix9ine Openly Mocks YG And The Piru Bloods


Hopefully no real shots get fired even though...verbal shots are.

(AllHipHop Rumors) “A little kid…” What is going on? First of all, that dude 69 is a man! Back in the day, when Biggie and Pac were brutally slain, a good part of the blame went to the media. The media stood accused of fanning the flames of the beef. Sure, Pac and Biggie had something to do with it but at a certain point they tried to fix it. It was too late. This Blood on Blood situation is definitely out of my hands. The NY rapper 6ix9ine poked a bees nest over there on the west coast.

The homie YG responded in song and took a direct shot at his West Coast counterpart. The video really put the Piru lifestyle on full blast…and underscored the difference between the coasts. And then Tekashi69 says this:


He’s openly mocking YG and, it seems like, all the Pirus on the West Yo….this looks like it can go LEFT really fast. Remember those dudes that knucked and bucked on sight at LAX!? Imagine that gun play in the streets. Sadly, we can’t blame anybody for this one, if it goes down.

I missed this. Which happened, before 69 let his clowning loose.

Somebody call Farrakhan.

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Clearly you are in your feelings because I exposed you. Nothing in the video suggest he is going at all PIRU bloods. You even had the nerve to call out media for instigating previous beefs when you turned around and did the same thing. Straight Donald Trump nonsense. Like I said. You should be ashamed of yourselves.



That is a lie. Look a the video. Stop the fuck shit or get off the site. I've never done anything to be ashamed of. You should be ashamed at being on this section of the site. Go to the news if you are so haughty taughty, MF.


He is clearly mocking YG and not all Piru bloods. you all are trying to instigate beefs and put up bs headlines for clicks. You should be ashamed of yourselves