Tekashi69 Brings Out The Wildest Brooklyn Bloods For Enemies

Tekashi69 is done playing with his adversaries! He's brings out the big guns - quite literally!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Tekashi69 (6ix9ine)is a pretty confounding dude. He’s a rapper, but he’s got this really flamboyant and strange style. Most people I know never even heard of him. I can’t diss him because I don’t know anything really. But I do know that whenever somebody pulls the gangs into play, they are looking to convince or re-assure people that they are “hood.” Soulja Boy did this a ways back, remember?

Well Brother Tekashi didn’t disappoint. As a Brooklyn native, he got the Bloods from the hood to look every rabid and wild. I can’t like, these dudes would scare me. I don’t know about the Crips, but these guys are the real deal! Tekashi69 felt we needed a reminder. Well, here it is.

Now, Tekashi69 has had his share of beefs and weird moments. At one point, in the not-so-distant past, he was even accused of being a pedophile. He denies that allegation even thought somebody had some receipts. Who knows? All this social media and beef really detracts from the fact that most of us don’t know Tekashi69’s music at all.

Coons being coons

probably like 4 out of 50 of em actually getting money. the rest goonin for free smh

fake ass bloods backing a real ass fag!


or this:


The agenda is real.....this mouth full of fruit loop looking ass soft batch cookie. I would never allow som funny looking was clown hang around with the homies. What does that say about the cats with him? I need a clown for my sons party I wonder if cuh available? I will provide the jumper and all lat....

@EV ha ha you Cray cuh lmao

Them dudes ain't banging no real BLOOD-DAMU-PIRU.... In the video they got several dudes with Blue flags on SMH Bloods CALIF would let the homie wear a blue flag around the set, they don't them dudes claiming because with weakens the set.


He remind me of George Clinton with his hair.

yall niggas need to get the fuck off of my lil baby. I mean nah I do not know him but this guy has imagination ... so what. Just because he has money in his pockets doesn't mean you guys can talk bad on him. He can do whatever he wants to his hair and teeth because it is his. My Little Pony ... really dude?! Yeah how mature. I bet that you wouldn't say none of this to his face so quit riding this nigga dick! Yall a bunch of scary ass pussies and living behind a computer screen. The time you spent criticizing 6ix9ine could have been used doing something positive or productive, not shaming him on a low dirty ass level! Get a life and leave him alone. People do the most dumbest shit to people and for what ... a laugh ... no bitch ... no! Does it make you feel better... you know, talking behind this nigga's back...! IF IT DOES THEN YOU ARE A LIL BITCH!!! GTF OFF OF MY BABY ... OKAY!!! PERSONALLY I THINK HE IS FINE ASF AND HE CAME UP OUTTA HIS PROBLEMS BY RAPPIN HIS HEART THIS NIGGA WILL PUT U ALL TO SHAME IF IT CAME DOWN TO IT ... SO DONT SAY SHIT THAT U POSSIBLY WOULD REGRET LATER !!! 6ix9ine I love you. QUIT HATING BITCHESSSSSS!!!! GOT A PROBLEM MY NAME IS TIARA CARTER AND MY NUMBER IS 14096003329 FUCK WITH ME NOW BITCH I RIDE FA MINES