Tekashi69 Gets G-Checked By Crips Upon Arrival To Prison


Tekashi is not having a good time in the bing and those gang gang raps are coming back to haunt him.

(AllHipHop Rumors)Tekashi69 might be food in jail. When he got to jail, he was immediately G-checked by the Crips upon getting to jail. This is what got him transferred to a new prison facility. Initially, it was inferred by the streets that Tekashi was tellin' on his people and the new jail was a place that housed snitches. But, it seems like that ain't the case. At least he still remains intact as a gangster, unless he maintains that he's just a singer as he as has. I dunno.

Here is what TMZ has reported.

We're told Tekashi, an alleged member of the 9 Trey Gangsta Bloods, was confronted by inmates affiliated with the Crips who were in the intake area as he arrived. That's when one inmate 'G Checked' him -- meaning stepped up to him to see if he's a real gangsta or just a wannabe.

We're told the Crip told Tekashi he better understand who's in charge -- and the only thing that saved him from a beatdown was the fact prison staffers quickly intervened.

His attorney,Lance Lazzaro*, says 6ix9ine "was being threatened in jail. However, he was not scared nor did he request being removed. The [Bureau of Prisons], acting upon these threats, removed him to a different facility to eliminate the threat."*

Here's what I think...that boy scared! And he should be! He's got rainbow hair and a baby face! On top of that, he's a pretty small dude. On top of that, he often gets accused of being a pedo, which they hate in prison. Do you think they move everybody that gets G-Checked in prison? HELL NO! They don't care about anybody in the bing! You get beat up, you get BEAT UP! You might go to the infirmary or something. For the weak, prison is a horrible place! For the strong, its horrible too! A lot of people feels sorry for Tekashi right now. I am not sure I do yet. I think he has a tough walk ahead of him and I think people know that.

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These goofy ass fools need to stop playin with this gang shit! Sadly, Tupac and Suge Knight serve as reminders of how wrong shit can go.


and then...SHIT GOT REAL!