Tekashi69 Prepares For Possible Jail, And 6ix9ine Wants To Quit Rap


Tekashi69 wants you to know he's not ready to go to jail..AND he's quitting rap.

(AllHipHop Rumors) 6ix9ine keeps us talking. I am sorry about that at times, because it seems like he is so hated. Well, there are a number of reasons for that, but we don't need to re-hash it all, right? Let us continue. The dude seems to be getting himself together, and he has a very good reason. Tekashi is facing about 3 years in jail if he doesn't fulfill a bunch of stuff that the judge in New York told him he needed to do to stay out of the bing.

What is funny about this interview is that DJ AK calls him a bunch of stuff in this video. Its almost like dissing him, but you can tell he's probably trying to fight off those gay rumors that swirl around them like blunt smoke in a weed spot. In the video, you can see Tekashi studying really hard for his GED, which is a requirement to keep him out of jail. I ain't gonna lie...if you go to the end of the video, he does not seem like the smartest guy. That's REAL. Watch it.

In other news, a lot of you may get your wish: Tekashi69 say he may quit rap this year! We all know this is a bunch of bull, but we have to cover it! On IG, he said: "Waiting for someone to rob me. .. Ima quit rapping this year. I accomplished everything i dreamed of in 5 months." Now, if he wants to get robbed, I know some people that can make that happen.