Terry Crews Says Some More Dumb Shyt! Twitter Explodes!


The king of Twitter screw ups does it again. Terry Crews makes a comment about #BlackLivesMatter.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Terry Crews was the guy that I came to love for his role as the cheap dad on "Everybody Hates Chris." Terry Crews has gone full-blown idiot this guy got on Twitter and fixed his mouth to say the following. 

I am not sure what happens when you get into the Illuminati of Hollywood but it must have something to do with going against the thoughts feelings and views of the masses. And right now Terry Crews is going against the grain in a way that has already gotten him canceled. But now he is doubling down on his rhetoric. In the past, this guy who is considered to be a thought leader by "some" has said that he has it bad because he dates a mixed-race woman. First of all, I have looked at several pictures of his wife and I have to tell you this woman looks about as black as Rachel Dolezal. I know that Blackness has a lot of hues and range so I’m not saying she’s not Black, but I am saying that she is so fair skin that she would ACE the brown bag test.

Nevertheless, nobody cares about his wife's color at all. And quite frankly nobody really cared about Terry Crews until he started talking. We let him get by with letting a white man grab his nuts and then latching on to the #MeToo movement. Women did that! Not a whole lot of people said "Hey man why didn’t you just punch him in the face, because he grabbed your nuts and sexually assaulted you?" No, we let  Terry Crews get away with some mess that is against everything that a real Black man is, and he didn’t lose his barbecue privileges at that time. Now, with this new comment about Black Lives Matter vs #BlackLivesBetter... Here is my hashtag #ThisManHasLostHisEverLovingMind.

I think he’s going the way of others like Elijah Washington, Kanye West, Candace Owens, and so many other black celebrities and activists that have joined with the Evil Empire. They are looking for favor when the revolution comes and don’t want to be on the wrong side of the war. But actually they are on the wrong side of history because this is a war in which the enemy a.k.a. the empire will lose.

By the way, Twitter is tearing into Terry crews like never before. He is getting shredded limb from bloody limb. What I find most interesting is that he knows this is going to happen when he says this nonsense. And he does not seem to care. He just keeps spewing pablum! I think that he just might be getting some money somewhere from somebody that pays him to Tweet in this wildly ignorant contrarian way. Look at some of the comments below and you tell me what you think.

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LOL If it wasn't for George Zimmerman and the rate of police murder, which exceeds the rate of lynchings, there wouldn't be a BLM. If not for George Floyd dying, it would be business as usual, despite the raging thing call racism.


Y’all are retarded. Including the clown that wrote this article. Quick to talk 400 years. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know we are Israelites. BLM movement is here to bring about race war and eradicate us.. Y’all claim y’all woke but ignorant and lost. Genesis 15:13. Wake us clowns. They finna purge on us Jeremiah 30:7. Y’all sleep but u know sooo much