That Time The Lox Conspired To Stab Mike Tyson!

Eve had a scary situation that was also scary for The whole Lox. LOL!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Lox are a funny bunch of dudes. They are street dudes, but what is a street dude to "Iron" Mike Tyson? The Lox tell a hilarous, but scary story about how the former, but troubled ex-champ was "talking crazy" about Eve. Styles P tells the story of how they may have to stab the BK brawler. The story is hilarious, but a quick google search reveals that it was far deeper than that.

Check this out, courtesy of the Drink Champs.

That was funny...but what is not funny is the story from Eve's point of view.

"I was scared to death. I turned around and I was like, I’m only 17-years-old. And that was right after he bit homeboy’s ear. I was so scared, I will never forget that. Nobody was coming at Mike. I just kept walking."

WOW! In the interview, The Lox said Eve did NOT know what they were planning to do. But 6 of them were plotting on Mike Tyson, knowing Sheek was going to get knocked the F out!

Of course, the internet tried to say it was RAPE, which nobody EVER said. See how they do you for clicks and views?

Never FORGET...never forget...


And I know this ain't new. But it IS funny.