The Agony: Iggy Azalea's Ex Claims She Gave Him an STD

Photo Credit: Instagram / YouTube

Australian import, Iggy Azalea, has made an impression within the world of Hip-Hop. Everything from her interesting accent to the men she has dated has provided fodder for salacious headlines. Recently, the DailyMail discovered court documents where Maurice "Hefe Wine" Williams, claims that he contracted an unspecified sexually transmitted disease from the "Fancy" rapper.

According to the gossip publication, Hefe Wine, hurled shocking allegations towards Iggy. He insists that he and the "Black Widow" artist established a common-law marriage in the state of Texas. There he contends that's where they resided from 2008 until 2013. Wine-O, who last year petitioned the court for a "divorce" from Iggy, has issued an amended plea over the supposed management contract that he had with the superstar.

Hefe contends that he's able to produce a “preponderance of evidence” that Iggy burned him. In addition, Williams has also made a plea to the court to obtain a temporary restraining order preventing Iggy from calling and threatening him. For more insight into Williams' claim check out the slide for the court documents.

How much money, if anything, will a judge grant Hefe for the mental anguish that he's allegedly endured?