The Art Of Trolling: Did 21 Savage Remove His Face Tattoos?


It seems like 21 Savage is bored and trolling the net. The ATL rapper tried to pull one on his fans by claiming that he got his face tattoos removed.

by ClassicOne

21 took to Snap Chat to claim that he had removed some of his tattoos even his signature knife tattoo on his forehead.

“Just got all my tattoos removed. Changed man now. Finna go to church.”

The snap was almost believable because Savage’s tattoos were covered up, but he has since revealed that is was all a big joke.

So now we wonder how he covered up the tattoos? Was it make up? A custom Snap Chat filter?

21 Savage clearly has time on his hands! In most people’s opinions, he and others need to remove that shhhhh off of their face!