The Boondocks Looking At A Return?

AllHipHop Staff

Boondocks writer confirms they are working on a reboot

By Ne' Richa (@iAmNeRicha)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Aaron McGruder, Boondocks writer, and illustrator took to the official Facebook page to announce some very interesting news.

He confirmed that, in light of the recent political and social changes that have plagued our society, they are now working on recreating the series to appeal to a new generation of watchers.

He also confirmed that they do not want to alienate their older fan base, and are even entertaining the idea of incorporating an app into the reboot.

He even shot out a few quips about the current state of things, when he stated “Uncle Ruckus is President. We’re all living a bizarre political satire that is largely about race, and inappropriate for children.”

I can’t be the only one excited to see how the current world will be reflected in the series return.