The Dirt Report: Cardi B, Remy Ma And Their Make-Up Artists!

Make Up Artists are having a hard time with these rap chicks!

(AllHipHop Rumors) YO! The gossip spots be going in on these young rappers, especially when they are women. Only in women in Hip-Hop can you get make up artists riffin' like....make up artists. The former make-up artist for Remy Ma is going in on the rapper and now they are trying to get Nicki and Rem beefing again. The snitching poster said, "yall when i say im really fucking CRYING and WHEEZING. remy mas ex-makeup artist shook the fucking table. from the burnt brownie patty labelle pussy to the voice impersonation. i fucking LOST it! @NICKIMINAJ watch this HB." He really said some disrespectful things to the QUEEN of New York! BUT, that man said that Remy dissed rappers like Eve and even called them ugly. He is allegedly plotting a lawsuit against Remy for not paying up. He also said some really ignorant stuff about Remy too, including calling her a monkey. What is up with Black people calling each other these things? I can see it if you are a racist, but these dude needed to be checked right there for that. He also said he wants to fight. See, he messed up there. Remy wins gun fights and is nice with those hands.

And then there is Cardi B...So the girl below only had limited interactions with Cardi B earlier this year. She said that Cardi wasn't all that friendly and didn't much recognize her as a human. She then says that Cardi berated her a bit, but didn't really know how make-up works in extreme heat. Then, she says - after considerable deliberation - Cardi kicked her out and refused to pay for the services rendered. The make up artist said she actually had to cancel other clients because she was so excited to work with Cardi. That changed and she even comes to tears. This is crazy!

She starts crying.

And these internet folk have other receipts - here is one.