The Dog Is Coming...DMX Is About To Drop!


DMX is coming back and Illseed has the word.

(AllHipHop Rumors) X is gonna give it to ya! DMX is my DUDE. I love that guy! Some 20 years ago, DMX was the hardest rapper out and he changed the landscape of rap music.  X emerged out of the Bad Boy era that was shiny suits, glam, and glitz. Then the dog hit with the force of a comet. 

Well, I am getting the word that DMX is coming back and looking to hit in a similar way. I won't disclose where DMX is recording this new material, but I can tell you where it is NOT...

It is not in New York City, not Phoenix, Arizona and definitely not his native Yonkers. I can give you a bit of a clue...

Anthony Anderson and the dog linked up at the airport. I will say that it is good to see DMX looking healthy and regular. I am also anxiously awaiting the new music that his is creating. Last year, we heard DMX sounding pretty damn good on the "Godfather of Harlem" soundtrack so the future looks promising. I think the best bet for DMX is to find "the new Lox" and other modern rappers that are reminiscent of the people he came up with. Griselda comes to mind. Also, doing something with the OGs is important too. 

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Looking forward to a new album. Griselda / DMX would be awesome.


Only person looking to see if dude coming is... the dope boys!


Hell yea we waiting on the dog! That flow and voice is classic!