The Feds Would Have Gotten Lyor Cohen But...

BMF almost got down with Lyor Cohen, but the mogul got a big break.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lyor Cohen was one of the biggest bosses in the Hip-Hop game. He's moved on to YouTube, but he is still on of the most commanding forces in the business. He even had Dame Dash apologizing. I don't know why, but I do know it has to be hard trying to go to war with Cohen! That's major beef! Sorry, I got off course!

Back in the day, in the not so distant future, BMF and Big Meech were the biggest in the game from a street perspective. They had affiliates in Fabolous and Jeezy when he was "young" and a roster of artist in tow. They also had a ton of money from the sale of cocaine. The industry was also in pure fear of these dudes, they killed Puffy's man Wolf and they stabbed Bobby Brown's cousin. They were NO JOKE and they were the REAL DEAL. We all knew it.

Well, they are saying that Lyor Cohen almost went into business with Big Meech, the face of BMF. Hit this video at the 11-minute mark.

The FEDS gave Lyor a heads up that if he did go into business with BMF, he was going to take him/them down too. I looked at some of the video and it has become apparent to me that the streets gossip just as much or more than the gossiper. They say, "The streets are talking," but its just gossip from a street perspective! And don't even get into the snitching side of it.