Just so you know, me and my AHH team of reviewers have been scouring through a bunch of these Power Remixes. Here are some of the finalists. They were picked for their quality, differences, and any other special qualities they may have. Also, the contest is now closed. We’ve gotten swamped by submissions! Here were goooooooooooooo…..

Lady Luck

Well, this sure isn’t fair, but ex-Def Jam rapper Lady Luck has done a pretty damn dope video of her “Power” remix. It was here before this contest was announced, but nobody told m about it. She edited and directed this elaborate video so I have to give it up. Plus, not too many females entered the contest.

The Invincible Bullies featuring Felt Five

I think this one, because they totally flipped the Kanye “Power” beat and merged it with the movie score to “Inception.” Very creative. Dope line, “My inception is quite rare, a nightmare inside of a nightmare inside of a nightmare.”


This lil bastard pissed me off. He started his video with a bunch of thank you’s and didn’t even thank ME. But, he’s 16 years old. Somehow, I kept listening and dude is pretty good…but next time thank me! And I take it back that I called him a “lil bastard.”

Doom Man

So, this guy’s from the UK and he’s nice so I’m giving him this opportunity to be on the world stage. “I’ve got the power like Snap, He-Man.” Cool! Please don’t discriminate, because he’s not in the US!

Gotta keep it international!

I like this one. He did some tweeting of the Kanye beat…slowed it up, sped it up. Kinda interesting. He’s also from the Southside of Chicago, so that’s a fair ode to the created of “Power.” He also started off with He-Man’s “I have the POWER.” LOL!

Big Gus

This is my homey Big Gus…I had to include him for the phrase – “How could Hip-Hop lose all its POWER.” He's the homey...a crazy homey, but a homey.