The Game Pokes Fun At 40 Glocc & Off Duty Cop


Photo via The Game's Instagram

It seems like The Game isn't too bothered about having to pay 40 Glocc or the off duty cop after both lawsuits. The Game was ordered to pay 40 Glocc $3K and the cop $100K. With the cop, The Game apparently failed to appear in court, causing the judge to rule in the officer, Onyebuchi Awaji's favor ($60K for damages and $40K in hopes to prevent future incidents such as this one). On Instagram The Game poked fun at both. In regards to 40 Glocc, The Game said,

"Lol $3,000 & he sued me for 4.5 million.. After he pay his lawyers 75%, & that old lady for crashing into her rose bush he might be able to get one Chic-Fil-A sandwich & a small water. Don't even think about barbecue sauce #TheyChargingForThose."

In regards to the cop, he said,

"I just start working at Chic-Fil-A. Get my 1st check in 2 weeks, then I'm gone do my best."

The Game is hilarious!