The Game's Open Letter To His Brother Gets A Big Response.


The Game and brother Big Fase 100 have been beefing on and off for years! A new song erupts their friction again,

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Game has a new song called "Hug The Block" and it is a scorcher. Let me tell you...The Game is one of the true greats when it comes to this rap sh#t, but he sometimes can go too far. I know some of you are like, "DUH, AND?" But on "Hug The Block," The Game devotes a whole song to criticizing, dissing and chiding his own brother, Big Fase 100! Big Fase is the older brother (44, according to the song) and he really catches a lyrical fade on the song. The Game really airs out the dirty laundry on this one - no dryer sheets whatsoever. Check out the song. And let's discuss the reaction from Big Fase.

Big Fase has responded on social media. 

We are in an era where people talk through social media and not on the phone. These guys are related by blood. However, they have had a strained relationship from day one and it seems like these emotions have festered quite a bit. Now, I don't know if The Game is acting or if he's really feeling this way. But, if you notice, his voice cracks and it almost sounds like he may be crying. I am not sure, but that's how it sounds to me. What do you think? I hope The Game and Big Fase get it together. 

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Niggaz is brothers but egos can fucc any relationship up.


Dam Game straight but I can relate💯


Nas voice & antics..FOH game