The Game Stands Accused Of Stalking Underaged Girl!

Did The Game Smash A 15-year Old Girl? The Internets Are Doing A Lot Of "Reporting" And Talking!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Game is one of the best of this newer modern day era and his last album is dope. HOWever the California titan has an issue and it seems to have to big legs…and they are going far. The rapper stands accused of possibly screwing a 15 year old girl. Now, all if this is speculation at the moment, but the gossip sites and social media outlets are running rampant.


And it did not take very long for The Game’s adversary 40Glocc to jump into the fray.

This could be very, very messy very very soon. The Game has been accused of these sort of things in the past. Hopefully it ends up being lies or something. We don’t need and R. Kelly in Hip-Hop even though there are probably quite a few already.

Meanwhile, The Game has been on a social media “fast” since earlier this month. Seems like he may not even know what is going on.

No. 1-1

Yo the game uses (LOL) in his messages!! Haha that's some gay sh!t right there...