The Game Under Fire For Nipsey-Inspired "Prolific Candles"


The Game is getting to the money with some candles in the vision of Nipsey!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Game, above just about everybody, has mourned the tragic loss of one Ermias Joseph Asghedom also known as Nipsey Hussle. NIP. By the way, check the resume of AllHipHop. We go back with Nipsey many, many years and several interviews! Mad drops, son! So, we don't know what Wack 100 is talking about, because Nipsey has been legendary over here. Anyway, The Game has actually opined very differently than his manager Wack. He happens to know the greatness of Nipsey Hussle and has, in a lot of ways, reminded us of what we lost. But some have begun to question The Game...

It would seem that the Prolific Records has tipped people over and some of the product offerings have people going nutso! The Game is selling $500 candles on the Gram for people to buy. Look at it:

It would be really nice to get an interview with The Game to get him to explain the reasoning behind this. I am thinking Nip sold albums for like $100 in a bundle and he inspired his bro to do some similar stuff. I just cannot personally make the connection to the Crenshaw brother! Anyway, I am a bit confused, but the wick is a $500 bill? Is there such a thing? I have never been rich enough to see. There is also a broker version for $100. I have seen a $100 bill in my life. 

Well, somebody called The Game all the way out! They cited that The Game registered "Prolific Records" about a week after Nip was tragically murdered? True or False? I can't say.

My thing is...does it matter? We can just continue to honor Nip our way and The Game can do it his way. Even Wack 100 augments Nip by saying he is not a legend. That actually just makes him more legendary! 

Could this be a way for The Game it pay off that money he lost in court? He owes over $7 million. 

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Game been a clown and that aint never changed!!! People stopped fucking with GAME when he tried to be the bully of the industry. He aint shyt but a follower. Them Chi-town niggaz let him know they wasn't scared of him and put him in box quick. Beans and Meek let that nigga know he could be seen in LA and thank god real niggaz from NY stood behind Meek on that (except for Uncle Murda Clout Chasing ass who later was clowned by his own team (Maino) for doing that silly shyt. Game then turned around and tried to be the mature, power to the people rapper once Nip started to reach more mainstream popularity. Game is a clown, point blank period!!!