The Golden State Warrriors Troll Drake Big Time! New Album With Chris Brown?

Drake and Chris Breezy might be working on an album. Yall want it!?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Drake. He's been pretty annoying in the NBA Playoffs. I get boys are in the finals and this may be the first time they win. I GET IT! But, I would much rather hear rumors like the one I'm about to speak on than about him and some basketball player getting ready to fight.

BUT...since we are on the topic! The Golden State Warriors TROLLED tf out of Drake at the game last night. These dudes played Pusha T's "The Story of Adidon" AT THE GAME! This is crazy! That song is so raw and brutal that I would never think they would do it at such a high level. But they did. As you know, stuff has gotten pretty crazy at the game, where Drake has done THE MOST to throw the Warriors off. Draymond Green may knock him out one time! Who made the decision to play that song. They should have played "Exodus 23:1."

Anyway, Drake and Chris Brown are working on a song that is now highly publicized on all the blogs. Here is the snippet of the song.

Chris Brown is working on another album, Indigo, which is slated to drop later this month. The album is supposedly chock full of guest appearances. Drake is the biggest of these dudes, no disrespect to Lil Weezy, Tyga, Gunna, Trey Songz, H.E.R., Juvenile, Tory Lanez, Joyner Lucas, Juicy J and Lil Jon. Even Justin Bieber is on it, supposedly. So the last time Drake got with a singular artist was the album with Future. I liked that album, but a lot of other people didn't. To me, it was the best of both rap worlds.

Could it be that this album is the next wave of that legacy that started with Jay-Z and R. Kelly so many moons and underaged girls ago? (Sorry, I had to!) Anyway, there's nothing really confirming that this will come to fruition. We'll see.