THE ILL PICS: 50 Cent, Amy Winehouse, Run DMC, Snakes in your nose?


I don’t know how this will work, but I am going to break out these Ill Pics into their own thing. Its too much work to do them and the rumors in the same swoop. So, check them out and feel free to caption them as you see fit.


Kanye and 50 has reached a fever pitch. Its like the Greasers and the Soc’s up in here. Y’all know where I’m coming from (or do you?). Anyway, this is going to monumental. Here is the cover, some pictures and stuff courtesy of Rolling Stone and Photographer Albert Watson.

Check out the behind the scenes of the 50 Cent/Kanye West Rolling Stone cover.

Why the meanie face for 50?

"What I was saying is...your lunch money is mine."

That RS with 50 Cent/Kanye is historic, but Run DMC really did the thing. The first rappers on the cover in 1986. Holla even if you don't hear me.

Meagan Good know she needs to stop this! Just Stop it!

And since I am sure some of you young boys are getting a little excited, I am going to give you some cold water in the form of this:

Amy Winehouse seems like she might be getting her weight back.

And did Rolling Stone catch wind of the J. Lo cover? Or is this J. Lo Vs Jennifer Lopez?

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