The Internet Clowns Remy Ma For Her Horrible 2nd Nicki Minaj Diss!


Remy! You’d really won the battle, so I don’t know why you felt the need to release this garbage! Remy Ma even had some of Nicki Minaj’s die-hard fans on her side...

By ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) when she undeniably slayed everyone’s favorite barbie on her “ShETHER” diss track.

Remy could’ve just stopped right there and rode the wave of the hype, as well as continuing to promote the album she has with Fat Joe, ‘Plata O Plomo’.

Instead, Remy decided to try to make a “Back To Back” of her own [like Drake] called “Another One”, and fell terribly short.

Sh-ts terrible man! The “bars”, hook and even the production were trash, so much so, that they inspired the #ThatWasTrashRemy hashtag on Twitter. Folks even started to believe this meant that her husband Papoose really wrote her bars in “ShETHER”.

They let Remy have it. She had to know better man. LMAO.